"Hagit Tesa" invests effort and resources in order to provide its customers with an equal, respectable, accessible and professional service. The company operates and promotes the issue of accessibility as defined in the accessibility legislation and considers customers with disabilities equal customers, who are entitled to benefit from full accessibility to the company's properties and services. The purpose of this part of the website is to inform about the company's accessibility arrangements. The company will continue to work to improve the accessibility of the service it provides to its customers. All company employees are informed - all company employees know about the legal obligations with an emphasis on the prohibition of discrimination, the provision of equal service in an inclusive environment, and the company's accessibility arrangements for customers with disabilities. Service trainings for employees - service employees were trained in providing service to people with disabilities. Telephone service centers - our service centers are available and accessible for all our customers, including people with disabilities. The voice response is adjusted and is without background music, at a slow pace and in simple language. Delivery of information in an accessible format - the company provides its customers with the option of receiving information in accessible formats. The delivery of the information is free of charge and intended for people with disabilities. For inquiries and information on accessibility, you can contact the company's accessibility coordinator: Keren Maimon by phone: 03-5102111 extension 8 and/or at the email address:

Branch accessibility
Below is a central table on the subject:
signage Accessible furniture Accessible entrance handicapped bathroom sound system the branch
Yes Yes Yes There is an exemption Yes Dizengoff 228, Tel Aviv
Yes Yes Yes There is an exemption Yes Osishkin 55, Ramat Hasharon
Yes Yes Yes There is an exemption Yes Solomon the King Promenade, Eilat
Yes Yes Yes in the mall Yes Sharonim Mall, Hod Hasharon
Yes Yes Yes There is an exemption Yes Beit Teper, Tel Aviv
Yes Yes Yes in the mall Yes Rananim Mall, Ra'anana
Yes Yes Yes in the mall Yes Hutzot Hamfaretz Mall, Haifa
Yes Yes Yes There is an exemption Yes Studio Kalisher 21, Tel Aviv

Internet accessibility
The company operates in accordance with the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli standard 5568 - "Guidelines for content accessibility on the Internet" to level AA. This Israeli standard is identical to the guidelines document of the international organization that deals with standards on the web - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
Accessibility measures on the website:
Validity - the site is supported by common browsers, in their latest version.
The content of the website - the company works to write the content of the website in a simple, clear and fluent way. Most of the website's pages are structured in a similar way, allowing users to orient themselves and easily navigate around the website.
Website design - The website was designed with awareness and adaptation for surfers and customers with visual impairments and those who are sensitive to the flickering of graphic elements.
The structure of the site - the structure of the site is based on convenient and clear navigation and menus built using lists that allow easy, simple and quick orientation on the site.
Increasing the display on the site - Surfers who have difficulty seeing and wish to enlarge the display on the site can do so by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl"" and "+" (control and plus). Each press of these two keys will increase the display by 10%. To To reduce the display, press the keys Ctrl"" and "-" (control and minus) at the same time.
Activating the website using a keyboard - Surfers who have difficulty using a mouse can browse the website using a keyboard. Repeatedly pressing the Tab key will move between the various links on the page. Pressing Enter will activate the highlighted link.
Browsing the website using a screen reader - this information is intended for blind or visually impaired surfers who use screen reader software. The website was tested with NVDA type screen reader software
For this purpose, all the areas on the website pages are defined using headings - first level headings (heading level 1) are the main headings of the page. The secondary titles are second and third level.
Images include a textual alternative (image description)
Documents and forms on the site, as far as they were created after the deadline established by law, were also accessed.

8. Clarification
Despite our efforts to allow surfing on an accessible website for all website pages, it is possible that parts of the website may be discovered that are not yet accessible, or that the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. We continue our efforts to improve the site's accessibility, as much as possible, in order to allow the use of the site by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

The site has been tested and adapted for browsing from a wide variety of devices and browsers. However, due to technological progress, and the abundance of devices available on the market, it is possible that certain incompatibilities will be discovered in some screens and/or some browsers.

Contact methods:
The company will be happy to receive requests for information and/or suggestions for improvement in order to improve customer service
For inquiries and information on accessibility, you can contact the company's accessibility coordinator, Keren Maimon, in one of the following ways:
Email –
Phone - 035102111 extension 8