Shipping, cancellations and returns policy

Thank you for choosing to browse and use the website of Hagit Tassa Ltd. ( (hereinafter: "the website"). We are sure that you will enjoy the experience of browsing and shopping on the website. You are welcome to direct any questions, complaints and suggestions for improvement to our customer service: service This document is intended to bring you the shipping, cancellation and return policy regarding purchases you make on the site. The terms of this document apply to every purchase you make on the site, and you are asked to read them and agree to them before completing your purchase on the site. The terms of this document are worded in the female language for my sake Convenience only, and they refer to both male and female.

By actually making a purchase through the site, you confirm that you have read this document and agree to its terms. This document constitutes a binding agreement between you and Hagit Tesa Ltd. (hereinafter: "the company"). If you do not agree to any of the terms contained in this document, please refrain from completing the transaction! The company reserves the right to update this document from time to time, so it is recommended to return and review in it from time to time. The headings of the sections in this document are listed for convenience only, and should not be attributed any interpretative or other meaning.

For any question, you can always contact the customer service of Hagit Tesa Ltd. (hereinafter: "the company") -

Ways to contact customer service:

On WhatsApp at the number - 050-5678211

The answer is not immediate, but the date of sending your message is what determines if it is required to be addressed.

It is important to us to give you a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience, so you can choose which way you would like to receive the items you have purchased.
The shipping methods available on the website are:
1. Delivery to the address of your choice in Israel:
*With a purchase whose total amount is NIS 399 or more - no additional cost. When ordering a gift card for any amount on the website, no delivery will be made and the card will be sent by digital means.
*For purchases whose total amount is less than 399 NIS - an additional cost of 30 NIS including VAT.
2. Self-collection from one of the chain stores of your choice - at no additional cost.
delivery times

5. In case you chose delivery to the address you chose, after receiving the order and confirming it, the items will be sent to you by the end of 8 business days from the date of placing the order on the website, via an external delivery company. No deliveries will be made on Saturdays, holidays, Fridays and holiday eves.

6. For your attention: in order to optimize the delivery to you, when shopping on the website it is recommended to choose delivery to the address where you are most of the day - at work, at home or any other address of your choice. Also, the company may condition the delivery of the item on the presentation of an ID card confirming the recipient's identity.
7. The delivery service operates during the hours agreed between the company and the delivery company. As of the time of reading these lines, the delivery service operates between the hours of 08:00 and 21:00. The company reserves the right to change these hours. The delivery company will coordinate the arrival date with you in advance by message or phone call. If you provide inaccurate or incomplete contact information or address when registering and/or ordering, we will not be able to complete the shipment.
8. The delivery times are conditioned by the security instructions of the army and the police at the time and are not under our control, and therefore there may be delays in delivery to Safar areas and areas that are beyond the green line.
9. The delivery times are approximate times and there may be changes in the delivery times due to circumstances that are beyond the company's control and/or that depend on third parties. Without detracting from the above, the company will not be responsible for delays in the event of force majeure, including natural disasters, war, combat, terrorist incidents, strike, shutdown, emergency, lack of materials, equipment or manpower or any other reason beyond the control of the company.
10. Completing the order on the website does not necessarily mean that the item ordered by you will be in stock when the order is delivered. The company does not commit to a delivery time when the item is not in stock. If an item is not in stock, you will be notified and you will be entitled to cancel the order.
11. The company will not be responsible for delays in delivery as a result of incomplete or incorrect details provided by you during registration or when making the purchase.
12. To the extent that the shipment requires shipping fees, these will be charged at the time of ordering, together with the charge for the items you purchased.
Cancellations and returns
Cancellation by the customer
14. If for any reason you regret purchasing any of the items you purchased, you will be entitled to cancel the transaction and receive a refund in accordance with the instructions detailed below.
15. We do our best so that the items, which are sent, reach you complete and intact. If the item you received arrived damaged, or does not match the description on the website or was not delivered on time, you have the right to cancel the transaction and receive a refund in accordance with the instructions detailed below.
16. The right to cancel the transaction is from the date of the order until 14 days have passed since the item arrived at you. If you are a woman with disabilities, a senior citizen or a new immigrant (as these terms are defined in the Consumer Protection Law 1981-5771) and you purchased the item from the website via telephone purchase, then you have the right to cancel the aforementioned transaction until 4 months have passed from the date the item arrived to you , and this is subject to producing a certificate attesting that you meet one of the aforementioned definitions.
17. You must notify us of the cancellation of the transaction in writing by registered mail, by sending an e-mail to or by calling customer service at 03-6226324 . In order to handle your request efficiently, please state the order number, the product you want to return and the reason for the return.
18. To the extent that the item was sent by us before the date of receipt of the cancellation notice, it will be collected from you by us and at our expense, in coordination with you. You undertake to allow us to collect the item within 10 days from the date on which we were notified of the cancellation by you.
19. A refund will be given within 14 days from the day the product is returned. A refund will be provided for the value of the returned item without cancellation fees. In a credit card transaction, the customer will be required to provide the credit information to carry out the credit. It is not possible to receive a credit for a purchase on the website at Hagit Tesa stores.
20. If you returned the item due to a defect or a delay in the delivery date, you will be entitled to a refund of the full amount you paid for the item, including shipping fees, to the extent that they were paid.
21. If you returned the item due to a mismatch, you will be entitled to a full refund for the item you purchased, with the exception of shipping fees of NIS 30 that will be deducted from the cost of the item. You can also return the item free of charge at any of the company's stores.
22. A condition for the refund is that the item is returned to us with the label attached to it, it has not been used in any way, it is in its original packaging and is not damaged (except for the case where the item is returned due to a defect). In addition, lingerie, jewelry, perfume, spa products and cosmetics must remain in their original, unopened packaging, as a condition for a refund.
Cancellation by the company
23. The company has the right (but is not obliged) to cancel your order even if it has been completed and the payment has been approved, in any of the following cases:
*The item is out of stock or is in stock but damaged.
*It turned out that one of the details you provided during registration or purchase was incorrect.
*It became clear to the company that you violated the website's terms of use.
*If in the opinion of the company the customer purchased the item in order to sell it to a third party.
*If the item was returned by the Israel Post / courier company because it was not required or the address is incorrect.
*If the supply was coordinated by self-pickup from one of the company's stores and the item is not picked up within 10 days from the day you were informed that it is available at the store.
24. In the event of such cancellation, the company will do its best to contact you and report the cancellation.
25. Of course, in case of cancellation by the company, you will be entitled to a refund of the full amounts paid by you.
26. A refund will be made for the credit card on which the transaction was made. If the transaction was made in installments, the refund of the credit card will also be made according to the number of payments.
27. For transactions that were paid through a clearing company (such as Pay Pal) the refund will be to the account of the clearing company. If for some reason the account of the clearing company cannot be credited, the refund will be made by bank transfer to the customer's account.
Exchange of products
28. If you would like to exchange the item you received with another item from the company, this can be done in coordination with the company's customer service. The company is not obligated to replace an item after 14 days from the time the item was delivered to you (and in the case of a woman with disabilities, a senior citizen or a new immigrant - after 4 months from the delivery of the item).
29. When coordinating the exchange, you will be asked to specify exactly the exchange item you are requesting (including size and color). A condition for exchange is that the exchange item is in stock.
30. To the extent that the price of the exchange item exceeds the price of the item you purchased, a condition for exchange is to arrange payment of the difference with customer service.
31. In the event that the price of the replacement item is less than the price of the item you purchased, the transaction must be canceled and a new transaction made, in which case the instructions regarding transaction cancellation will apply. The company may, but does not have to, agree, instead of canceling the transaction, to give you a credit for the aforementioned difference for future purchases from the company.
32. If you would like to exchange items in the order, you can send the items you wish to exchange, in coordination with customer service, in one of the following ways:
1. Israel Post to the address Kalisher 21, Tel Aviv for Hagit Tesa - website .
2. A courier will collect the items from you at a cost of NIS 30.
33. The exchange can also be made by prior arrangement with the customer service, in any of the company's stores free of charge. The list of stores is detailed on the website.
34. Exchange of an item is conditional on it being returned with the label attached to it, unused, in its original packaging and not damaged. In addition, underwear, jewelry, perfume, spa products and cosmetics must remain in their original, unopened packaging, as a condition for exchange.
35. You can get the replacement items in one of the following ways:
1. Self-collection at any of the company's stores.
2. By courier at a cost of NIS 30.
For any further questions, we invite you to contact us by email or WhatsApp.