Customer Club Regulations
May 2018 version

Hagit Tesa Ltd. (hereinafter: the "Company") congratulates you on joining the company's customer club (hereinafter: the "Club").

The club was established by the company with the aim of making updates and information available to club members as well as providing them with various benefits and discounts.

This document summarizes the conditions under which the customer club operates and constitutes a binding agreement between you and the company in all matters related to the club and its conduct. This document replaces the previous customer club regulations, and as of May 1, 2018, the provisions of these regulations will apply to the relationship between them and the company.

These regulations are written in the feminine language for convenience only, and they refer to both males and females.

Transition instructions - April 2018

1. These regulations replace the regulations that were in effect until May 1, 2018 (hereinafter: the " determining date "). Whoever was a member of the club at the time of determination (" Existing Company "), and to whose credit customers have been accumulated under the club program, then the points that have been accumulated to her credit up to the time of determination will be converted into shopping vouchers at the value of the points accumulated to her credit as mentioned (hereinafter: " Shopping Vouchers "). The points converted to shopping vouchers will expire on the set date.

2. The shopping vouchers will be redeemable only at the company's surplus stores and they can be redeemed until 12.31.2018 .

3. Vouchers that are not redeemed by 12.31.2018 will expire and it will not be possible to use them, return them or receive a refund or any other benefit in exchange for them.

4. An existing company will be entitled to a one-time discount of 5% for the first purchase made in one of the company's stores after the set date, and this in addition to accumulating points in accordance with these regulations. This benefit is valid until July 1, 2018. An existing company that does not make a purchase until July 1, 2018 will not be entitled to this discount after this date.

joining the club

5. Joining the club is allowed for every woman and man who has turned 18 years old.

6. You can join the club at any of the company's stores, or at any other place designated by the company for that purpose, by filling out a registration form and handing it to the company's representative.

7. Membership will only be valid at the time the company approves your membership in the club. The company reserves the right to reject a request to join the club, at its sole discretion and without the need to justify such a refusal.

8. Joining the club is conditional on you paying the club membership fees as determined by the company. The membership fee is a one-time payment. The payment will be made at the store where you submitted the application form. If your application is not approved, you will be refunded the membership fee.

9. By actually filling out the registration form and submitting it to the company, you confirm that you have read the terms of this regulation and agree to them. The company reserves the right to amend the terms of the regulations from time to time, and subject to the provisions of the law, this change will also apply to the relationship between you and the company from the date of the change onwards.

10. Once the company has approved your joining the club, subject to the company's right to remove members from the club in accordance with the provisions of these regulations, the membership is for the entire period the club will operate, and there is no need to renew, extend, or pay additional payments in order to maintain it.

11. You warrant that the details you provided when submitting the request to join the club are correct, accurate and complete. You are responsible for updating the company during the entire period of your membership in the club with any changes that apply to your personal details, and in particular for changes in address, phone number and e-mail address.

Benefits and discounts

12. The company may grant club members benefits and discounts as it deems appropriate from time to time, at its sole discretion.

13. Points program :

13.1. A club member will be entitled to accumulate points, in accordance with the provision of these regulations, for every purchase made in the company's stores, with the exception of items purchased as part of special sales promotions, such as a club day, birthday benefit (hereinafter: "special promotions").

13.2. The value of each point is one new shekel (1 NIS).

13.3. For each purchase made by the club company, except as part of special promotions, it will accumulate points worth 10% of the purchase value (including VAT).

13.4. A new club member will be entitled to accumulate points for a purchase made at the time of joining as follows:

13.4.1. If the total amount of the purchase (including VAT but excluding items in special promotions) is up to or equal to NIS 600 (inclusive) - points are accumulated at a rate of 10% of the aforementioned purchase amount.

13.4.2. If the total amount of the purchase (including VAT but excluding items in special promotions) exceeds NIS 600 - points are accumulated at a rate of 20% of the aforementioned purchase amount.

13.4.3. For the purpose of this section - "new club member" is anyone who joins the club after the stated date and was not a club member at any time before the date of joining the club as mentioned.

13.5. At least 50 points must be redeemed each time you redeem points. It is not possible to redeem a lower number of points and a club member that earns a lower number of points will not be entitled to redeem them until it has accumulated 50 points.

13.6. Points can only be redeemed when purchasing items at full price. It will not be possible to redeem points for the purchase of items at any discount (including the sale of several items at a reduced price such as 1+1).

13.7. Points cannot be redeemed for the purchase of accessories (jewelry, shoes, bags and any other item other than clothing).

13.8. It is not possible to redeem points that are accumulated in a particular purchase.

13.9. If a club member's membership expires for any reason, then the points that have been accumulated to her credit and were not used at the time of expiration, will be canceled.

13.10. Without deviating from any of the provisions of these regulations, the company may stop the points program at any time, cancel accumulated points or change the key for accumulating points and/or the conditions for redeeming the points, and this in accordance with its sole discretion.

14. Birthday benefit - during the calendar month in which a club member's birthday occurs, according to the date of birth provided by the club member at the time of registration, she will be entitled to a discount of 20% of the purchase amount. The discount is one-time and will be given on the first purchase made by the club member during the calendar month in which her birthday falls. No discount will be given for additional purchases made in the same calendar month. In the purchase where the club company redeems the birthday discount, it will not be possible to redeem points and it will not earn points. The birthday benefit does not apply together with other benefits, there is no doubling of benefits/promotions. A club member's right to a birthday discount will expire at the end of the calendar month in which her birthday occurs, if she has not exercised her right to a discount during that month. A club member who did not provide a date of birth at the time of registration will not be entitled to a birthday discount until she provides the company with her date of birth.

15. Your attention is drawn to the fact that membership in the club does not grant discounts, accumulation of points and other benefits for purchases on the company's website.

16. All discounts, points and benefits are personal, can be redeemed only by the club company that accumulated them, and are not transferable in any way. In the event of the death, heaven forbid, of a club member, all points and any other discount and/or benefit to her credit will expire, and cannot be bequeathed or transferred. Redemption of points, discount or other benefit is conditional upon presentation of ID.

17. The company may at any time add, change or subtract from the aforementioned benefits and discounts.

Use of information

18. When you register for the club, you will be asked to provide the company with your personal details, including address, phone number and e-mail address. The company may keep these details even in case your membership in the club ends.

19. The company will be entitled to make use of the aforementioned information, as well as any other information collected by the company in connection with you due to your membership in the club and your activity in it, in accordance with and subject to the company's privacy policy as published at By joining the club, you agree to the terms of the company's privacy policy.

Termination of membership

20. You will be entitled at any time to notify the company in writing of your wish to terminate your membership in the club. Within 14 working days from the date your message is received by the company, your membership in the club will be terminated. Upon cancellation of membership, your right to points, discounts and benefits according to these regulations will expire. Points and discounts accumulated up to that date and not yet redeemed, will expire. If you want to come back and join the club as a member, you will have to go through the registration procedure again, including paying the membership fee.

21. The company may at any time, with 30 days notice, stop the club's activities. In such a case, any points, benefit or discount that have not been used until the date of termination of the club's activity will expire and will no longer have any validity.

22. Also, the company may at any time, at its sole discretion, terminate the membership of any company in the club, and this without it being obliged to give reasons for this. In the event that the membership was terminated as stated, not because of a violation of these regulations and/or the law by the user, the company will refund her the membership fees she paid, but all the points, discounts and benefits that the club member was entitled to at that time, will expire.


23. The company does not guarantee that the club will operate for any period of time and does not guarantee that all benefits and discounts offered to club members will be valid for any period of time.

24. The company will not be responsible for any damage caused to any of the club's members and/or to any third party due to force majeure, including natural disasters, strikes and shutdowns, wars and fighting, terrorist incidents, shortage of raw materials, equipment or workers, emergency or any other reason which is not under the control of the company.

25. The company will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user and/or any third party in connection with membership in the club, including the use of any discount or benefit or the lack of ability and/or possibility to take advantage of any benefit and/or discount.

26. The club company will compensate and/or indemnify the company and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage and/or loss and/or payment and/or expense that they incur, due to a violation of these regulations, including for any claim and/or claim by a third party any in connection with activity using the website.


27. The company's computer records will be prima facie evidence of their correctness in everything related to the use and activity of the website.

28. The membership of the club and the contract between the company and the members of the club shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the State of Israel, and the international choice of law rules set forth in them shall not apply.

29. The exclusive local and international authority to discuss any conflict and/or dispute and/or any other matter related to the club and/or its operation and/or operation and/or these regulations, will be given to the competent courts in the Central District of Israel only.

30. Should a competent court determine that any part of these regulations is invalid, then the regulations will be amended as minimally as necessary, in a way that leaves its provisions as close as possible to the spirit of the provisions of these regulations. All other regulations will continue to be in effect.

31. In any case of a conflict between the provisions of these regulations and any other presentation and/or publication of the company, the provisions of these regulations shall prevail, unless expressly stated otherwise.

32. You are welcome to contact us with any questions regarding these regulations to e-mail:

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