Who am I?

My name is Hagit Tesa and I am a fashion designer. Already at a young age, the desire and the need to help women bring out the best in themselves through fashion burned in me,
Beautiful style and clothes, and at the same time I dreamed of owning a business with stores throughout the country and a diverse clientele. I started making my dreams come true
Right after the military service and today, 20 years later and a little more, I am proud to own the HAGITASSA boutique store chain
and market my designs to dozens of designer and fashion stores in Israel.

My real inspiration is my clients, who are indeed different and diverse, but every time I meet them I meet women who love life.
We live in an amazing time, with models of femininity and beauty that change and expand all the time, and there is room for them all. Women find their voice and are not afraid to use it.
They are looking for self-expression, also on a fashion level, and this is where I am, fulfilling their fantasies and needs in my own way.

For these women and for you, I design clothes that will flatter you and serve you throughout the hours of the day. In the mad race of life, in the culture of unimaginable abundance in which we live,
I strive to create the most accurate items for you, those that correspond with the trends but maintain a classic and correct look for each season, those that will serve you from morning to night
with slight changes of styling. Into these I bring my expertise in creating excellent cuts, choosing excellent materials and uncompromising quality.

I believe that clothes complement our personality and make us be the best version of ourselves. There is a direct connection between the clothes we wear and our emotions,
To influence our mood and our communication with the environment.
I believe that the right clothes can cause a positive increase in our body image, help leverage our achievements, contribute to the way we see ourselves and the way the environment sees us.
If you wore my clothes and felt even a part of it - I did mine.