Hagit Tassa

Herbal Heaven Candle XXL

SKU: HT-100-AU-00

369 ₪

A pampering XXL size candle with a minimalistic and precise design in the Herbal Heaven scent - an intoxicating spice mixture of chamomile, Louisa, thyme and a twist of magnolia and musk.

A citrus and sophisticated scent combined with musk, one that will remind you of a pampering vacation in a refreshing place.

The candle emits a soft light that helps instill a warm, pleasant and romantic atmosphere and is suitable for spreading scent in the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom and any space in which you want to leave a trail of precise and sophisticated fragrance with a mysterious twist.

The candle can be opened and closed using a designed lid which preserves the durability of the candle and the aroma.

It is recommended to add a diffuser and perfume to the house and diffuse in the house in order to create a uniform and harmonious atmosphere.

Made in the country.

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