Hagit Tassa

Paz Home Fragrance

SKU: HT-99-AU-00

299 ₪
Classic design diffuser
From the very first moment and even before you opened the lid, the fragrance will fill the space and create a refreshing and mysterious atmosphere, fragrances of a successful new year.
Each fragrance is meticulously handcrafted by Hagit as an homage to the places she traveled
With the thought that a scent can change the being we are in just like a garment worn for the first time.
Comes in 2 types of fragrances -
Herbal Heaven fragrance - an intoxicating spice blend of chamomile, Louisa, thyme and a twist of magnolia and musk.
A citrus and sophisticated scent combined with musk, one that will remind you of a pampering vacation in a refreshing location.
Forest Fantasy fragrance - spicy patchouli with a touch of bark and amber.
The smell is characterized by a wild, spicy, smoky and sensual aroma.

It is recommended to add a candle and perfume to the house in order to create a holistic atmosphere
Made in the country.
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